Announcing Money First and free Book Giveaway

2020 has been a strange year, of many firsts for all of us. Here’s my big first time project: Writing a book! It is called MONEY FIRST, and I am very excited to share it with you!

My book will answer questions like,

  • How does banking work in Germany, how can I save on bank fees?
  • What is SCHUFA, how do I get a free SCHUFA report, how do I maintain a good score?
  • How do personal income taxes work in Germany?
  • Which insurances should I buy in Germany?
  • How do I invest money in Germany? What is a Depot, Sparplan? How do I manage taxes on capital gains?

Free Giveaway

I am giving away the first chapter for free! Just click on this link Money First Book – Free Giveaway

SIGN UP with your email, and I will send the chapter to you.

ONE REQUEST: I would love feedback from you, on the content, on what questions would you want me to answer in the next chapters.

YOU, ARE THE INSPIRATION to keep me going.

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