Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Get Financial Independence? Who is Mr A.?

Get Financial Independence (Get-eff-eye) is one of the many blogs written by people who are often referred as FI Bloggers. The blog is a collection of posts by Ankur Mehrotra. who is a migrant in Germany from India. More about Mr A. on About Me

If there are so many blogs out there, then what is special about this one?

True, there are many excellent books and blogs out there. The only difference is that I am not a finance professional and have no vested interest in commissions. I am writing only about things I care about and believe in. I write for people who are new and just starting out in figuring their finances.

Everything on this blog is searchable on the Internet, yet people still make those mistakes.

Why should I care about GetFI, you are not an expert?

Truth be told, you shouldn’t! I am not an expert and am also trying to figure things out myself. By applying my strategies, I have been able to generate better Net Worth for myself and I hope you can learn from my mistakes too.

I expect you, the reader, to exercise judgement and even challenge me if you think I am wrong.

Why are you hiding your identity?

Scratch that, I do not hide it anymore!

Another FIRE blog, then?

Yes and No. Let me explain. I do apply many financial principles of FIRE movement, but I do not believe in the idea of Retire Early (yet).

My belief is that my work also brings me joy and contentment, and I want to continue to do so. My aim to pursue financial independence is to secure my family’s future, and not be scared to take risks. This includes saving for our families back home, my child here and hopefully surviving crisis like the one which has just started in 2020.

What are you selling?

Nothing really. I do have some affiliate links for books and ad supported website. I am yet to cover hosting fees through those means, and I do not fret about that. I have written a book which has additional content and research into Financial Independence.

While I would love you to buy it, it is it your choice.

Where do I start?

The manifesto. Period.