GetFI – The Manifesto

I have been following blogs, books and podcasts on the FIRE movement, some of them are simply brilliant but yet most are often relevant if you are from the US. I believe German content or other European content might also exist out there but with my crap language skills its all but a lost cause.

So, our goal is to write blog posts and share ideas/insights with the goal of attaining Financial Independence or at-least getting close to it. I would like to outline the GetFI Manifesto.

The GetFI Manifesto :

  1. I am by no means an expert, which means there might always be a better way of doing things. If you notice that, share your opinion and correct me.
  2. I will not sell products or services barring having ad support on the website or referral links of services/books which I actually use (without sponsorship). This is also because I only aspire to monetize this blog to the extent of making it pay for itself.
  3. I will help you make a plan if you wish to share your financial challenge or situation, and publish them only if you give consent.
  4. I will also share a list or reviews of podcasts, books and other media which I find interesting or relevant.
  5. I would love if you say Hi and spread the word. At times I will hold giveaways, because writing without anyone to read is often uninspiring.

So, if the above makes sense, and you are in the mood for making changes for a better future, I suggest you to start with You can be a millionaire.

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