Hitting a Money Milestone

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When I launched my book Money First at the beginning of the year, apart from many encouraging comments I also recieved feedback on why should anyone listen to me. I am not Finance guru, I have hit no big money milestones (yet?).

I understand this need to validate, and truth be told, critical thinking is essential. People must research and make their own conclusions, and not simply do what a guy on the Internet, or their cousin, or their boss is doing.

So I have a milestone to share, last week I hit 6 figures milestone on my investment account, and as you may have read, my journey started not too long ago. I have continued to automate, and apply my principles as written in my book with results. Each month, the money is automatically invested in my favorite funds like clockwork.

I do know that markets may go down, and I plan to be patient with that too. I am still away from my goal, but I am progressing.

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