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The months with COVID lockdown have been both challenging and rewarding to me. It also led me to decide to write a book!

My BIG news is starting on my new project of writing on Money First. Easy answers to Big and Small questions about Income, Savings and Financial Independence in Germany. It does not matter if you are an NRI or Non-EU citizen or from EU, this is your first English guide to money matters in Germany

I have finished the first few chapters of the book and it will take me a few months to get it done. I am excited to share the very first chapter of the book for FREE, all you need to do is Sign Up.

In return, I only ask for:

  • Feedback, what would you like in the book, what could I improve!
  • An optional request to promote my book on your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook timelines, you can also simply share this post!
  • Sharing your own story. I would love to add real stories to the book and to this blog.

PS-This is not an automated process, once I receive your sign up, I will personally email the first chapter.

Mr A.

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