Money First Book – Free Giveaway

The months with COVID lockdown have been both challenging and rewarding to me. It also led me to decide to write a book!

My BIG news is starting on my new project of writing on Money First. Easy answers to Big and Small questions about Income, Savings and Financial Independence in Germany

I have finished the first few chapters of the book and it will take me a few months to get it done. I am excited to share the very first chapter of the book for FREE, all you need to do is Sign Up.

In return, I only ask for:

  • Feedback, what would you like in the book, what could I improve!
  • An optional request to promote my book on your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook timelines, you can also simply share this post!
  • Sharing your own story. I would love to add real stories to the book and to this blog.

PS-This is not an automated process, once I receive your sign up, I will personally email the first chapter.

Mr A.

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