Money is not evil

A few months ago I had talked about my relationship with Money and how it has shaped my behaviour. Today I will ask you to think about why is money is not evil, and it brings access.

Money the root of all evil?

Before we proceed, pause for a second and try answering: What do you feel about money? Keep the answer to yourself before reading on.

Money is behind all the Corruption in the world

Most people would consider that all the corruption in the world is because of Money. If this money would magically disappear, the world might be a nicer place.

This is only partially true, sure unethical pursuit of money will account for most corruption and wrongdoings and yet, eliminating money will not change it. It is the battle between ‘having wealth‘ and ‘not having wealth‘ is what really will still continue in one way or another. Money is just an easy way to represent value of things / objects / services. We rely on an exchange of goods and services, and till the time some people own a resource in scarcity, they will hold power and others will covet it.

If I pursue money, I am selfish and self centered

If you are like me, you might have that thought too. For a very long time, I have had this notion that if I am going after higher income or chasing money then it is a bad trait. All because, money is evil right?

The fact is, this is not true, just because you want a better worth of your efforts and believe that your skills / business have a higher value, there is nothing wrong in chasing it. Millions of businesses fight between being cheaper to customer and others attempting giving higher but expensive quality. None of those are wrong ideas, the value of product often will represent the quality. It is not a zero sum game, that to win someone else must lose.

Your employer is renting your time to get things done, so if you think your time is worth more you must demand a better price.

The pursuit of Money will change my relationships with people

Now I really explored this from a scientific end and there is some evidence that the richer people get, the less compassionate they become. If your relationships change, they might actually need a rethink and you also need to think about your value system. However, there is a big element of what money really brings when you become rich.

Money brings access and gives you voice

The real fact is that inspite of all the democratic talk of us all having an equal say, the world does not work like that. The real strength which money brings is access and freedom. It also gives you a voice on the table where the big decisions are made.

The first step to get that access and have a voice is to earn more and grow more money. There isn’t another way.

Money is still just a store of value, and yet it gives you the power to bring change. Now, if its abused then Money is evil and if its used for good, then Money is not evil. I’d so, pursuit of money is not evil so long as you remain ethical about it.

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