Wins and Losses this year!

Its been almost 6 months since I could scribble on the blog. It isn’t that I forgot my mission or I didn’t care about sharing any new details, life simply came in the way. There were things which required way more attention and time which I could not devote to Getting you to Financial Independence.

So, what happened in the meanwhile? Let me see, ah Bitcoin went up and down, and GameStop happened! My own personal finance journey also has new wins and losses which I want to share:

  • As before, my investments are automated, even when I had little time for understanding what is happening around me, the monthly investments have continued to go on. As on today, my returns are +41% (and I am just under 4 years of starting to invest). Yes, this is a bull market and there is a lot of luck in play, most of my earnings are on index ETF and a handful of stocks which I also invest via a Sparplan.
  • Savings Rate, our savings rate has stabilized to around 55% of our income after taxes. We still do not put all of it into investing, but have upped our monthly investments too.
  • Car Purchase, I broke the cardinal rule and bought a new car! It is our first car, and it is a Toyota Yaris Hybrid. Yes, buying used car is still a good thumb rule, and yet one must evaluate what fits into one’s life situation.

How has your 2021 been going?

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